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Known as one of the most successful Junior College Football Programs in the nation, the Coffeyville Red Ravens have spent the past 80 plus seasons building a tradition of excellence and championship football.

Evidence of this strong commitment to football excellence can be seen in the Ravens overall record of 542 wins and 243 losses.  The tradition of Championship is evident in the Raven's three National Championships, 30 Jayhawk Conference Titles and 29 bowl appearances. 

This tradition of excellence and championship football was accomplished with the hard work and dedication of Red Raven players and coaches.  Hard work exemplified in 130 Football All Americans, 4 Hall of Fame Coaches and countless boosters and fans.  

During the decades of hard work and commitment to Red Raven football life long friendships are formed and memories are made.  Knowing the special bonds that former teammates share, Coach Dick Foster established the Red Raven Lettermen's Club and Hall of Fame in 1998 to allow former Red Ravens the opportunity to reconnect and honor fellow teammates.  

In the Fall of 2008 Coach Dick Foster turned the responsibility of the Lettermen's club over to Coffeyville Community College Athletic Director Jeff Leiker and the new Lettermen's Club website and Database were established.  

The new website includes historical video footage that has been recently converted from reel film to archived DVD.  On this site, you will also find archived photos of teams, players and actions shots as well as other pieces or Red Raven Football history and current Lettermen's Club events and Activities. 

Archiving and adding both current events and history to this site is an ongoing process, so please check back often.

If you have any video footage, photos, pieces of Red Raven history or memories of your time at CCC to share please contact us.  We would also love to include information on where current Lettermen are and what they have been doing since their days at CCC so be sure to update us so we can include that on our site!  

As you browse through the history and information on this site, please keep in mind, the goal of our Lettermen's organization is to help former teammates reconnect.  If you haven't already visited the database update link to the right of the page to provide us with your current contact information, please do so.  

The goal of our organization is

to preserve Red Raven Football History


to reconnect with every former Red Raven Lettermen.

Once A Raven, Always a Raven

Once A Raven, Always a Raven -

Both Volumes of this 600 page book are available by mail order for a total of $42.95 (soft cover) or $59.95 (hard cover), including shipping and handling.

The book, authored by Paul Campbell with extensive help from former Coffeyville coach Dick Foster, features over 80 years of Red Raven Football from 1923-2003.

Campbell and Foster researched newspaper articles going back to 1923, and Campbell interviewed more than 150 former players and coaches to gain their unique perspective on the football program's success. The title of the book was inspired by super fan Barabra Jean Pendleton's motto "Once a Raven, Always a Raven." In fact, there is a dedication to her in Volume 1.

The book chronicles Coffeyville's three national championships, its 29 conference titles and its 35-game winning streak during the 1940's that garnered national attention. It reports on the 1975-2003. Each volume of the soft cover edition can be purcased by mail for $29.45, including shipping and handling.

However, both soft cover volumes can be purchased at the same time for $42.95, including shipping and handling, a 31 percent discount. Because of the limited number of hard cover editions, these volumes cannot be purchased seperately.

Further information can be found at

To order, please send your name and address with a check to
Campbell Publishing Inc.
8 Oak Ridge Road
Buffalo MO 65622

Please make checks payable to Campbell Publishing Inc.

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